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January 15, 2013
TerpSys and its generous employees raise and / or donate over $1.3 million dollars for charity
(Rockville, Maryland) - As of December 31, 2012, TerpSys and its employees have raised and / or donated over $1.3 million dollars for charity since the company’s founding on August 1, 2000.

“Our community service efforts have been the shining star of the company since day one and after more than twelve years in business it is absolutely unbelievable to see the total of the selfless generosity of our employees. We developed our 3+1 giving structure early, were consistent in our support to our core charities and events, and the results have grown to a level that everyone in the Company is really proud of,” humbly states Ed Woods, President and CEO of TerpSys. “For the majority of our tenure, we were designated as a small business, so the magnitude at which we have been able to give is amazing. It shows that regardless of the size of your organization or as an individual, if you want to make a difference, you can by just taking the first step. I would never have imagined that first step would have gained so much momentum and the level of collective generosity would be so substantial.”

“While over the years I had been unofficially “keeping track” of fundraising / donations of individual events, it wasn’t until Ed asked for the grand total, which we never tracked until recently, that I was blown away by the overwhelming generosity of our staff. Through staff fundraising and / or personal donations, including corporate donations, TerpSys has been “giving back” to our communities from the beginning. Whether it is that our employees directly identify with the particular cause we are supporting or whether they do it simply because it’s the right thing to do, we have been fortunate to have the full support of our employees over the years. We may never know the full impact of our efforts, but I am confident that we are helping to make a positive impact in the Washington D.C. metro area through our community service partners,” added Tim Kerns, Chair of TerpSys’ Community Service Committee.

TerpSys is a technology company, focused on customer service. How may we help you?

Our mission is to delight our customers, challenge ourselves, and serve our communities. Our strong corporate culture drives our business because we feel that if our employees are well taken care of, it will then translate into a better customer experience.

We strive to be a leader in the IT community by delivering incredible customer service.

We also strive to be leaders in the community through the generous giving of time, talent, and treasure. Our staff and Company are shining examples that corporate social responsibility truly is the right thing to do.

TerpSys’ reputation in the industry and the community is of the highest regard, and we are very proud to have earned that through more than twenty (20) years of dedication to our mission.

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