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Charting the Future of Independent Education

With full graphical representation of over 3 decades worth of survey data and a dynamic charting interface, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Trustee Dashboard can provide rich data to individual schools.

NAIS StatsOnline Dashboard
TerpSys worked with NAIS to create visual representations of a large wealth of table-based data to make information gathering and recall accurate and efficient. Thanks to our solution, the NAIS Trustee Dashboard is: 

• Meeting Individual Needs – NAIS schools log in to view and compare their data with 5 landing pages, each containing 6 charts of their choosing 

• Dynamic – The charting interface provides 41 individual charts; chart types (line, column, pie, scatter, etc.) can be selected and redrawn to suit specific information needs; graphs can also be exported into Excel for other uses 

• Mobile – Highcharts, a javascript-based application using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), is fully functional and compatible on the web and all javascript supported mobile devices 

• Interactive – Users easily provide immediate feedback which NAIS staff can access and review 

• Improving Accuracy – In-depth charts allow NAIS to quickly identify any omitted or incorrectly submitted survey data, for immediate rectification

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